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 << Dades and Todra Gorges >>

For a great experience in the south of Morocco Dades Valley and The Gorges should be includ in your trip itinerary.Dades Valley that is course between the mountain of the High Atlas to north and Jabel Sahro range to the south and the Gorges.Appreciate the tranquility of mountains and take a moment to appreciate the lifestyle of the Berbers isolated by the quietness mountain. Everywhere, you will discover a new scene of daily life.
Not far from the Gorges and Through the route of the " Thousand Kasbah".An other interesting passage in the valley of the Roses and its fabulous production of Rose.If you're lucky you can enjoy the annual Rose festival with May harvest celebration in Et Kellat Mgouna.
About 15 Km from Tinerhir,at the end of of a lush valley full of palmeraies and mud-brick villages hemmed in by barren craggy mountians is one of the most magnifcient natural sights.This is Todra Gorges are rock fault diving the high Atlas from Jabel* Saghrou where its highest point 300 metres and only 10 metres wide at its narrowest point.refresh yourself a bit by bathing your feet in the cold and crystalline water of the river.Being in Todra gorges will give a chance to appreciate the wild landscape that is populated with nomads minfing thier herds of the goat.

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