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<< Layoune,Cabo Bojador & Dakhla  >>

Western Sahara offers maybe the best deserted scenes in Morocco. If you are a desert lover, don’t mind long road hours and enjoy the combination “Desert meets the Ocean”, Western Sahara is simply interesting and off the beaten path. LaÔyoune, Bojador and Dakhla are the south most biggest cities in Morocco or Moroccan

Western Sahara. They are very laid back and you can enjoy great coastal landscapes and Ocean views along with sand dunes. Western Sahara is great for the magical encounter of sand dunes and water, this is where the Sahara kills its thirst, the desired encounter with the Atlantic.

Dakhla was established by the Spanish back in 1844 and was then called “Vila Cisneros”. Dakhla is just a few kilometres North of the Tropic of Cancer and if you decide to explore these southern regions expect long drives and long desert scenes. Centre Dakhla has a few white arcaded building and the distant Old Spanish lighthouseat Point Durnford for awesome views.
Cabo Bojador is known for its agitated waters and still is one of the world’s most difficult maritime passages. You can visit the fishermen port and enjoy great ocean sceneries.

Layoune aka LaÔyoune is the capital of Moroccan Western Sahara is a good starting point to appreciate the long desert landscapes heading South.

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