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-Tours Questions & Answers :


-I do not speak Berber,Do your tour drivers speak English?

Yes, all of our Tour Drivers speak English, some speak additional languages as well , but your tour will be conducted in English.

-Is smoking allowed on the tour?

All  our drive 4x4s are smoke-free. For those dedicated puffers, we stop every couple of hours so you can light up during our stops.

-What exactly do you do with us after you pick us up?
Well, We  will start to get to know their clients slowly in order to achieve better relation and better service. We will make you a presentation of the country, its people and its culture. Probably the first thing you’ll do when we pick you up at the airport for instance, is to get you to the hotel for you to enjoy Morocco with a fresh mind after a great shower to clean up the long tension hours of your flight. If you are coming overland from Europe, well meet you up in the border and well drive you to the nearest  destination city scheduled for you trip in advance.

-Does the price include gas-oil and hotel money?

The price of the 4x4 has driver and gas included. You can rent the 4x4+driver and you’ll be the one booking your hotels and we’ll just transport you in the country, or, you can let us choose the hotels you will be staying in. We also provide in our circuits a half-board regime for 400DH per person more. This way you don’t have to worry about planning your trip. We’ll do everything for you, making your trip unforgettable and enjoyable until the last minute.

-I want to travel to Morocco in the Summer. Is it too hot?

The South Sahara region is usually very hot in the Summer but Morocco has a lot to offer for this season also. The mountain region of the Atlas, the Atlantic Coast and the northern part of Morocco are great Summer alternatives.

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