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" Morocco is a series of doors that slowly open as you advance "


                           Country Profile           


Official Name :The Kingdom Of Morocco (al-Mafgreb al-Aqsa) " The farthest land of the setting sun.
Situation & Area  : Northwestern of Africa,in the West borderd by Algeria and by the South Mauritania.The area  446,550 kmē
Capital of The country: Rabat
Economic Capital        : Casablanca
King of the kingdom   : The King Mohamed VI
Moroccan Currency     : Dirham (DH), 100 Dirham ( 10 Euro).Currency Convert
Language Spoken        : The offical language is Arabic,the Berber languages dominate in Morocco,about 30% use Berber as thier mother-tangue.
Calling Code : +212
Religion : Islam is the offical religion in Morocco, but the consitutation guaranted of freedom to practise other religions of revelation.About 1% of its population is Christian,and 2% is Jewish.
Climate : The Dominate weather in Morocco is the Mediterranean,,temperated in the West and North by the Atlantic Ocean.Atlas area is very humid.The South has desertic weather.Inside Morocco the weather is continental with difference of temperature.More information about Weather in Morocco Here
Main feast and Festivals :-Festival of Rose in Kelaa-t-Mgouna,May
                                     - Bethrothal Festival in Imilchil(middle Atlas),September
                                     - Dates Festival in Erfoud,Octobre
                                     - Sacred music Festival Fes in June
                                     - Gnawa Festival,Essaouira in June
                                     - Cherry Festival,Safrou ( The province of Fes)June
                                     - Festival of Fantasia,Meknes September                        


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