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There can be only be a few people who have not heard of Marrakesh,the magnet for travellers.Morocco's second-largest city,with population of 1,400,000,although walking arround the city it would not seem so.Marrakesh or " Alhmraa* " was founded in 1062 by Sultan* Youssef ben Tachafinand.One of the most artsitic and cultural centre in the Islamic world.Marrakesh offers a lot of to the visitors and at least 2 full days are recommended in this fabulous city.Its famous square of Jamaa* el Fna which is one of the arracations and is mixture of restuarant stands along with snake charmers,fire blowers,loud live music and endless Souq.


Alhmraa: the red colour,the walls of Marrakech are with unique colour,therefore it names like that.

Sultan : honorific ( like sir)

Jamaa: the mosque

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