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Fes is the oldest of the Imperial cities of Morocco 's Imperial cities of Morocco,it is arguably the symolic heart of the country,with its narrow streets and medieval looking islamic schools,workshops,market...and ancient palaces make the city very special and worth experiencing.Fes was found shortly the Arabs swept across North Africa and spain.Quickly become the religious and cultural centre of Morocco.The kind Idriss II continued his father will of building a nswe bigger captal,fes was born and grew from the modest Berber town a considerably residential and commercial centre with the arrival of 8000 Al-Andalusian families that quickly mixed along some Arab families that came from Qayrawan in Tunisia.Like other cities Fes has a lot of to offer.It woul be a chance for to Experience and Royal palaces,its narrow streets,you can visit the ancient leader dye pit and tanneries,lost in the richness of the Old Medina *


Medina: city,used to discribe the old Arab part of modern towns and cities

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