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                     Essaouira Morocco,Tours Essaouira 4x4,Essaouira Tours

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Essaouira "Well-designed" is the most popular of the costal towns.It has magnificent beach that curves for miles to the south,its atmosphere is in complete contrast to that souq cities of Marrakech,Fes and Tanger.If you had to choose one city of costal cities in Morocco, it would be Essaouira,ocean view castle ramaparts and grilled fish resutarant right on the ocean side.The exotic architecture styles that give a perfect impression on your trip to this city was part of the reconstruction porject order by Sultan sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah.

You can walk along most of the ramparts on the seaward part of the town and visit the two main forts.The Port where it was design to protect the town's sea trade,right in this place where Orsan Welles filmed many of his Othello.

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