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<< Tiznit,Sidi Ifin & Goulmine >>

Tiznit is the last biggest town of the South before Western Sahara. This 6km long red wall surrounded town was founded back in late 19th century by Sultan Moulay Al-Hassan as a trading centre in the South.

Sidi Ifni has long lost its importance as a fishing Spanish outpost and now this empty city is visited much because its unhurried pace, the old Spanish town and its church and old lighthouse, Art Deco architecture and Place Hassan II.
A few kilometres South of Sidi Ifni there’s a beautiful secluded Legzira Bay with amazing sand and the fantastic natural stone arches reaching the sea.

Goulmime was an ancient important camel market outpost. For many years that the existing Blue Men went south and the existing market is now a bit smaller but still with some charisma. There is a long week moussem and camel air market in July and August.

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