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                                                                                                Espa˝ol /   Franšais


     English                                      Moroccan-Arabic ( Darija)


 - How much does it cost?                  Sh'hal dadir hadi?
 -  It's too expensive.                                 Ghali bzaf!
 Do you have anything cheaper?               w'sh kayna chi haja rkhissa?
 -  Can you help me?                         W'sh imkn taawni ?
- I'm just looking                                  Ana ghir kanshuf
- Could you show me...?                  w'ash imkn twrini...?
                               Some Important Words               
-Basket                                           A-sla / sak
 -Market                                         Souq 
- Expensive                                  Ghali
 -Cheap                                           R'khiss
- To buy                                         N'shri
- To pay                                         T'khlss
-Open                                        M'H-lul
-Better Quality                           Shi haja mzyana

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